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Why Choose Acumatica Customer Management?

#1 An ERP and CRM that work together. Customer management was built in Acumatica form the very start. It is one of the most tightly integrated modules we have. No matter what you need, it’s always accurate and up to date.

#2 Content Management. Acumatica provides a handy view of all customer records in a single location. This unique level of access to everything in one database gives your team a great view of all customer activites and records.

#3 Visibility. Dashboards provide a real time sales data, which allows your team to manage forecasts, quotas, and results. Efficiently communicate and collaborate with customers through our Customer Portal. Helpful tools give customers access to information about their interaction with your company.

The Benefits of using Acumatica Customer Management

  • 360 Degree View – Gain the ultimate perspective on your business with integrated financials from all angles, and learn which customers are profitable and which ones are not.

  • Improve your Customer Service – Respond instantly to customers no matter the point in the cycle of sales

  • Empower your customers – give your customers access to as much financial and case information that you choose to share with them.

  • Team Approach to Sales and Service – Share information to help your team have a unified approach to customer service.

  • CRM Add on for Microsoft Outlook – The Acumatica add-in works with incoming and outgoing email in Outlook. It searches for existing leads, contacts, and employees in CRM and then allows 1-click access to an existing contact.

  • Synchronization with Salesforce. – Acumatica ERP supports bi-directional real-time synchronization of data between Acumatica ERP and Salesforce CRM, allowing for simultaneous work in both systems.

  • Track Campaign expenses – Track the flow of money related to a marketing campaign (Additional Module required)