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Why choose Acumatica for Reporting and Business Intelligence?

You need more than just data from an ERP system. You require the information you need presented in a format that makes it easy for you and your fellow stakeholders to make decisions regarding your business.

Acumatica ERP systems offers a collection of functions good for reporting and analyzing, to make your job easier and more efficient.

Reporting goes far beyond a cash flow statement and balance sheet. To get the full benefit of an ERP system, you have to be able to view your companies health from a glance, so you can spot bad trends and take action as early as possible.

  • One Version of the Truth – Acumatica ERP uses the same database for Finances, Manufacturing, Distribution, CRM, and more. View data across the enterprise, or view by business entity, customer account, vendor, and more.

  • Security by Role – manage all your data securely by using Acumatica, which eliminates the security risk of relying on printed reports, which can be harmful if those reports leave the premises

  • Multiple Display Options –  Generate reports for key staff, or Create visual dashboards for at-a-glance views of essential KPIs