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Advanced Expense Receipt

-Attachment requirement option based on dollar amount

-Addition of Expense Class during entry

-Allows users to select a specific payment method

Extend the use of the Acumatica Expense Receipt with the addition of a number of different options to expand upon the already rich features of the Acumatica Expense Receipt and Expense Claim functionality.

An expense class option has been added to provide a more complete user experience by enabling options specific to an expense class selected.  One of the most exciting benefits of the expense class is the ability to interact and control the subaccount assignment during data entry.

The organization enjoys the option of enforcing attachment of a file receipt based on company policy.  Each expense class has the option of enforcing file attachment based on dollar amount of the receipt entered.

Assigning of the payment method within Acumatica out of the box is limited to the default of the employee.  Advanced Expense Receipt enhances the payment method assignment by enabling selection at time of data entry.  Defaulting of the payment method is no longer limited to the employee but has been enabled through the definition of a expense class.

Expense Claims are limited to creating AP Bills from the expense claim process.  The problem with this feature is when credit card transactions are processed to an AP Bill all transactions within the expense claim are recorded within a single AP Bill.  What this does is process summary data to the Credit Card reconciliation with the Cash Management module where details would enable proper reconciliation. Advanced Expense Receipt will optionally create quick checks in place of AP Bills.  This will process details to the credit card reconciliation which will match the credit card statement. Making credit card reconciliation easier.

 Extend the use of the Acumatica Expense Receipt with the addition of expense class, attachment options, expense items available based on expense class selected, assignment of sub account specific to criteria within the expense class, segment assignment from Department, Employee, Expense Item and Expense Class.  Assignment of Expense Account from Department, Employee, Expense Item and Expense Class.

Assignment of payment method from the expense class selected able to override during data entry.

-On release, timecard activity can posts to GL

-Adds Fund, Grant, & Program to Timecard in NonProfit+

-Allows fund accounting across Branches

-Replaces the need for Acumatica’s InterCompany Accounting add-on

-Distributes at the point of data entry

Use Distribution codes to speed up data entry within Accounts payable AP bills and quick check, Accounts receivable Invoice and memo and cash sale and journal entry screens.