Order to Purchase

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The ASI- Order to Purchase module enables the automatic creation of a Purchase Order from a Sales Order, providing the ability to easily fulfill customers’ request for goods in circumstances of stock shortages, special orders, drop ship, etc. Then, quantities purchased for sales orders will automatically update back to the sales order for quantity shipped (optionally).

Everyone will benefit from the one-step process of taking a customer order and placing a purchase order with a vendor to fulfill customer’s requests. Purchase Orders being generated have the options of stand-alone (one to one to a sales order) or merge (multiple sales orders to a purchase order). This will streamline the fulfillment process and enable sales people to satisfy customer demand and provide high levels of service while protecting the bottom line.

Invoicing and keeping track of drop-ship orders is a multi-phase process that often causes errors in ordering for and invoicing customers. Order to Purchase automatically creates purchase orders from sales orders. It works with special order items, drop shipments, and regular inventory.

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