One-Time Vendor

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AP One-Time Vendor is an ASI – AP Enhancement that enables all of a company’s one-time vendors to be under a single vendor ID. No longer a need to set up a new vendor for each one time single vendor transaction. The system provides for vendor information to be entered during Vouchering. Full integration with check printing and payment selection. Supports 1099 reporting.


  • No cluttered vendor list!
  • Only one Vendor ID for One-Time vendors!
  • Group one time vendors.
  • Use class ID for vendor classification or as sub-vendor ID.
  • Look up and review one time vendor history information.
  • Checks print with one time vendor name & address information.
  • Activity screen provided to track processed data matching vouchers with checks.
  • 1099 selection and entry of tax identification at the time of entering voucher.

Download brochure here for more information