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Non Profit Plus for Microsoft Dynamics SL is the Non Profit accounting software solution that provides those key non-profit features that make the difference for Fund Management, Grant Management, Fund Accounting and Encumbrance Processing. Developed using System development tools, and Customization Manager ensures that the functionality of Non-Profit Plus is seamless, customizable and full featured just like any module or function of the standard Microsoft Dynamics SL. The enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics SL requires Customization Manager to be installed and has the same system requirements as the Microsoft Dynamics SL software.


Fund Management

  • Define Permanent Restricted, Temporary Restricted or Unrestricted Funds
  • Define restriction of co-mingling of cash between funds by fund
  • Define Account and Sub Account usage by Fund

Grant Management

  • Track Actual and Budgets by both Company fiscal year and Grant fiscal year
  • Auto or manual processing of expired grant balances able to zero grant activity and transfer balance to another grant or unrestricted fund
  • Manage sponsors/benefactors with schedule of payments and contacts.
  • Develop and Manage budgets by grant according to grant fiscal year
  • Reporting of PTD, Grant YTD and Grant TD for actual, encumbered and budget

Fund Accounting

  • Detailed Payable/ Receivable Account Balances
  • Automatic Due To / Due From Processing

Encumbrance Processing

  • Able to identify committed funds
  • Enhanced Focus on Budget with record entry alert option
  • Funds available by account and sub-account

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