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eMail for Microsoft Dynamics SL

ASI– eMail for Microsoft Dynamics SL (Solomon) features a variety of efficient tools to aid in the eMailing process. It allows the user to do all of the following:

  • eMail/Fax and/or print
    AR Invoices and AR Statements
    OM Quotes, Confirmations and Invoices
    Flexible Billing Drafts and Invoices
    Service Series Work Orders and Invoices
    Purchase Orders
  • Default personalized email subject and message by document type; change at time of eMailing
  • Individual document report format available by customer, vendor, project
  • Multiple email file format types available


ASI– eMail for Microsoft Dynamics Sl (Solomon) includes the following convenient options:

  • Email Set Up
  • Email Maintenance
  • Email/Fax or Print Function

eMail Set Up:

  • The eMail Set Up function provides a simple way of managing the eMail interface.
  • Set up the ability to eMail, Fax and/or Print documents.
  • During setup eMail addresses will default from Customer, Vendor or Project Maintenance.
  • Choose ability to enter a report format by Customer, Vendor or Project.
  • Choose ability to select desired eMail file format type by Customer, Vendor or Project.
  • Enter default eMail subject and message by document.

eMail Maintenance:

  • eMail Maintenance controls emailing by Customer, Vendor and Project.
  • eMail default options by document based on information from setup.
  • Multiple eMail address capability- up to 100 characters.
  • Ability to enter specific report format by Customer, Vendor and Project.
  • Choose file format type for email by Customer, Vendor and Project. (Excel, Word, Crystal Reports, HTML, Text, Comma Delimited, PDF).

eMail/Fax and Print Function:

  • System automatically defaults documents to email, fax or print.
  • When emailing/printing, invoices will populate grid when batch is chosen.
  • Complete desired eMail subject and personalized message or accept default from setup.
  • Selection options include: default, eMail only, Print only, eMail and Print, Print all or no; do nothing.
  • To eMail select Begin Processing.
  • Simple, Quick and Easy. eMailing at the tip of the finger.

ASI eMail for Solomon vs. Microsoft Dynamics-SL Quick Send

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Download brochure here for more information.