Data Integrator

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ASI – Data Integrator is an add-on to the ASI – Order Entry/Invoicing module.

ASI– Data Integrator includes each of the following features:

  • Data Integrator Set Up
  • Import Data Processing Screen
  • Data Correction Process
  • Order Approval


Through Data Integrator Set Up the user has the ability to:

  • Import Methods: Always new, Add, Overwrite
  • Default Order type: Cash Sale, Drop Ship, Regular Order, External Order.
  • Default Status: Quote, Hold, Review, Confirmation, Open Order, Invoice
  • Default Acct Source: Data, Customer, Inventory, Ship-to
  • Default Sub Source: Data, Customer, Inventory, Ship-t
  • Default Ship via and FO
  • Calculation of Freight and Miscellaneous: Accumulate or maximum
  • Source Options: Trade Discount- customer, data; Tax- customer, data; Sales Price- Solomon, data, Solomon if price is 0
  • Approved Status: Status to advance once approved

The Import Data Processing Screen not only allows the user to select all customers or a specific customer for processing, but also allows the user to select all users or a specific user for processing. The combination of the above options will further refine the import process causing the task to be completed simply and efficiently.

The Data Correction Process allows the user to review data that did not pass the validation process including a note for the reason of the data failure. Furthermore, the Process allows the user to correct and validate the problem within the screen.

The Order Approval screen enables the review of orders before they enter the order processing system. It allows the user to review all of the orders by customer and release all orders for a customer or individual orders. Utilities are offered to assist in order approval and include credit check report, customer order inquiry (an additional module) and drill down to review details of the order. All of the orders unapproved will be displayed only in the Order Entry/ Invoicing screen.

Download brochure here for more information