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ASI-Budget / Forecasting makes financial budgeting, forecasting, and reporting faster, easier, and more accurate. The solution both automates the typical spreadsheet budgeting process and improves it by centrally managing the flow of data throughout your company, eliminating the need to update and consolidate separately maintained spreadsheets.

ASI-Budget / Forecasting provides several budget screens to handle the different levels of the budget process. The system allows for very basic budget processing, to more complex budget building processing.

Main Functions and Features:

  • Simple Budget Entry.
  • Budget Generation.
  • Development and Approval Process.
  • Seasonal distribution of annual amounts.
  • Category maintenance for classifications.
  • Users limited to category(s) and sub-account assigned.

Budget Entry:

All final budget activity displays on a single screen for reviewing, maintaining or updating each budget line item. F3 search for sub-account /category restricted to user rights with wild card selection

Budget Generator:

Generate a budget from actual amounts or from other budgets with percentage increase or decrease according to the parameters you decide.

Easy to setup and save for future use. Quickly generate a new budget or forecast out 5 years with ease. Budget information is able to be generated for the budget approval process or direct to final budget where the data is available for modification and reporting through FRx Financials.

Budget Approval Process:

Manages the budget process by eliminating the need to update and consolidate separately maintained spreadsheets with development and approval functions.Monitor complete control over how each phase proceeds through the process through administration of budget stages and budget status. Nothing advances unless the person responsible allows the advancement. Your company will govern how the budget will be created, how and when it will advance. The supervisor is able to approve or reject users seeking approval for budget line items. The Budget process is controlled by you.

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