AP to AR Invoicing

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ASI – AP to AR Invoicing is an ASI – AP Enhancement that enables Accounts Payable line items to be billed automatically to Accounts Receivable, through the Invoice and menu screen. Each AP Voucher line item is able to be assigned a customer, billing type, and Job ID (optionally). Each billing type may have an assigned account, sub account and percent increase for cost plus billing. Set up option to use expense account in voucher line item for billing in AR. This enhancement enables user efficiency and productivity by eliminating potential keying errors and by avoiding the oversight of the entry of the AR Invoice. Great for reimbursement scenarios.


  • Each Voucher line item has customer, billing type, and optional job ID.
  • Able to bill at actual amount or cost plus.
  • Invoice generation allows selection of specific line items to bill.
  • AR Invoices can be created with voucher account/sub account or can be specific to billing type assigned.
  • Preview invoices before creation.

Download brochure here for more information