End User eTraining for Acumatica ERP and Why We Created It

We are proud to be a part of the Acumatica partner network. As a long-time Microsoft Dynamics SL reseller and ISV, we were excited about the new, exciting technology that Acumatica Cloud ERP brought to the market. Specifically, we were excited about a real cloud solution, being born in the cloud and not just a recreation of a legacy product accessible over the Internet.

Although you may know us as AcuCademy, our training solution is a subsidiary of Accounting System Integrators. Here at ASI, we currently offer 3 Acumatica ERP products: AcuCademy, NonProfitPlus and AcuConvert. NonProfitPlus is a specific Accounting Suite built for nonprofit organizations. We help nonprofits manage grants, funds and help protect them from being put in an over-budget situation.

When we moved NonProfitPlus from Dynamics SL (where it helped nonprofits for over a decade), we wanted to take advantage of the flexible and friendly technology offered by the Acumatica Platform. With that goal in mind, we spent the first few years of our Acumatica Partnership developing the functionality from scratch, all the while taking advantage of new technology to greatly enhance our nonprofit accounting suite.

Acumatica has fantastic licensing and deployment options, leaving behind years of user limits and complicated pricing schedules. Knowing that the nonprofit industry by nature is filled with small businesses, we took the opportunity to create a small business model for nonprofits that transact less than 10 million dollars a year (learn more about our grow program here). However, even though our pricing is favorable to small businesses, many nonprofits have been blocked out of ERP software due to implementation and training costs.

In an effort to remove this barrier for entry-level ERP prospects, our CEO Bill Dean envisioned creating a training/implementation tool for smaller organizations. Enter AcuCademy, an eTraining tool that helps organizations succeed in training, implementing and using Acumatica ERP. Considering that NonProfitPlus is so tightly integrated across the rest of Acumatica ERP, we decided to create a training environment for anyone to use. Now, it is very possible for a small organization using Quickbooks Enterprise or another “Pre-ERP” accounting software to purchase and implement Acumatica at a fixed rate.

Living in such a digitally interconnected world, we have become very accustomed to on-demand help, documentation and video instruction for almost anything we do. Just because Acumatica is a feature rich software system, the task of creating a structured learning course wasn’t an impossible feat.

In October of 2014, we began developing a comprehensive curriculum covering training in all of the Acumatica Financial Suite modules, including General Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. In order to provide additional context, we created a few additional relevant courses to function with our self-serve training environment: Acumatica Basics (An intro to Acumatica course), Company Setup and Time and Expense.

In 2015, we added 5 courses, two of which cover the Acumatica Distribution Suite: Purchase Order Management and Requisition Management. The other additions to our curriculum were the Nonprofit Accounting Suite course, and two advanced functionality courses covering Email and Notification Capabilities and the Organization Structure module of Acumatica ERP.

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